Human Energy

The art of giving and receiving is complicated, yet very simple and the line in that sandy box is drawn by our energy. Recently, I have awoken to a process towards positive energy and I have learned that understanding and working with the ebb and flow of our energy in a respectful manner will equate to a more full and positive life. To start the journey we must first acknowledge the peaks and valleys in our energy which is the foundation of our mood. Humans are like tubes and as we hold onto negativity; Whether it be a poor thought about yourself, others, your actions, the food you eat, and down to the company you keep; The flow of energy through our bodies will slow down and get clogged therefore causing mood disruptions, agitation, ill intentions, lack in productivity and fatigue. If you can acknowledge those times, you can collectively review the common factors and eliminate, adjust or do more of them thus allowing an increase or decrease in the flow of energy. For example; pay attention to what seems like a sudden lack in motivation, mood and concentration, or when you notice the atmosphere around you is low in energy and it brings you down, If it decreases the flow of energy, its important to respect ourselves enough let go of it  as quickly as it came, and avoid harsh environments because at the end of the day it only creates turmoil for yourself. Turmoil is build up. Build up doesn’t allow the flow of energy which leaves no room for the positive. It is equally as important to notice when you have a feeling of low energy (natural or influenced) and get sudden bursts of happiness, energy and a sense of peace because as you thrive off of those moments, it allows more positive energy resulting in better luck, moods, and situations.  For a more logistical stand point and for those of us who like a scientific view on human energy flow, lets consider polarity. Polarity is the direction in which energy flows and Barbra Stone (PhD, LISW, DCEP, Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology) has studied and brought to light many connections between polarity and how it transpires into the human body for optimal functioning. A great place to start is with plants.  A plant expands from its center and sends roots deep in the ground for nutrition and water while its stem and leaves reach to the sky to conduct energy conversion known as photosynthesis (converting light energy to chemical energy.) So how does the plant know which way is up and which way it down? Barbra Stone says it is polarity. So while some may think that a plants roots only go downward for stability, therefore implying the act of giving energy, it does both!  A plant shoots its roots downward to bring back up the energy it needs from the earth and sends it leaves as high into the sky as possible to retrieve energy from the sun.  Similarly, humans process energy on a scalar waves which can receive on the same track it gave or went out on . Barbra Stone states that our head (Crown Chakra,) feet and palms  demonstrate the same dominant polarity which is to receive energy from earth and the sun, but that they can give energy as well and because our bodies are a two way street,  there needs to be a point of origin and consumption which Barbara states is our heart!

“At the heart center, this nourishment we are pulling in from above and below intersects with the front- back vector of our three-dimensional human energy field (up-down, front-back, and left-right).”

Proper polarity for the Front-Back  dimension is receiving energy from behind and sending it forward, this energy then intersects with our Up-Down and Left-Right dimensions in our heart center from which we pull to serve our community and ourselves with.  Barbra goes on to say that:

Of course, the heart center also has a two-way energy flow. Love is the emotional quality of the energy at the heart center. We both give and receive love energy through this center—output and input.”

and furthermore:

When people are extremely depleted, their polarity becomes reversed, so the major energy flow at the heart center will be input, taking in energy.”

This correlates with and confirms why its important to create a world of positivity for ourselves and be the change you want to see because our perception is our reality and its up to us to manifest it.  So what does it mean to manifest your perception? it means you actively start seeing every situation with love and light rather than paranoia and fear. Instead of being upset because Sally  forgot to wish you a happy birthday and wonder why you aren’t important enough (fear) for her to remember or what you may have done wrong (paranoia) to deserve this “treatment.” Try considering that something is going on in her life that may be stressing her out thus causing a laps in memory, even try asking if everything is okay. I’m sure you will receive information that does not point towards something you have done. Giving yourself the freedom from fear and ego allows an unstoppable force that will drive you to be more forgiving, unassuming, and loving thus allowing you to send better energy from you heart center. We now know that  energy is sent out on the same wave it can come back on, so It is fair to say that if we send out fear and paranoia, we are likely to receive just that in return. Another dimension of positive energy is  that we can no longer feel selfish for taking care of ourselves and that our thoughts of putting ourselves first are no longer evil like we have seen in the movies. In fact, it is selfish to not give back to ourselves because  we all have a vital and emotional bank account that cannot go into the negative long before sounding an alarm. This alarm sends panic which is responded to by many and word quickly spreads to family, friends and if let go long enough, the community who may be inputting to their heart centers at that time thus creating more negativity in the world. Recall the last time you were on a plane and the flight attendant gave you the safety sch-peal and he or she stated that if the cabin were to lose pressure, a mask will drop down and that even if you are with a person who would be unable to put the mask on by themselves,  you are to put it on yourself first before assisting them. They tell you this because if you cannot breathe you wont do much good for someone else. The same concept applies to our mind, body and spirit! We are unable to be contributing citizens and caring loved ones if we do not replenish our energy levels by nourishing ourselves and getting back to the basics such as healthy foods, adequate rest and positivity within our relationships.   Take an inventory of your life and look how much of your energy is spent outputting vs. inputting and if you find that it isn’t equal, its time to adjust something. Like any other change, don’t feel rushed to flip a switch and go max our your credit card because your “inputting.” Instead, vow to spend a little more time reading that favorite book of yours each day. Ask someone else to make dinner one night out of the week or go for a walk just to be alone with yourself and think. These actions will naturally lead you toward a high energy path which only stops when you allow it to. Its not easy to always be the bigger person in an argument or walk away from someone calling you out.  It is not easy to forgive and forget or stop participating in useless rumors and gossip,  but it is necessary and at times it may feel as if you are giving the best of you without a return, but that is when you need to flip the switch to input and rediscover that you are doing this for yourself. With time you will find a balance between input and output that will avoid the energy overflow that causes the disruptions in mood as mentioned earlier. Life is much more enjoyable when you don’t take things so personally and you only send out the compassion and positivity you wish to receive in return,  so stay strong and persevere through the negativity!!! ONE LOVE!!!



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